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Lower Manhattan, NYC | December 2013

City Hall | Ocean City, NJ | December 2013

City Hall | Ocean City, NJ | December 2013

Haddonfield, NJ | December 2013

DETOUROcean City, NJ | 1st Street | December 2013

Ocean City, NJ | 1st Street | December 2013

Moonrise BalconyOcean City, NJ | December 2013

Moonrise Balcony
Ocean City, NJ | December 2013

Sunrise for Breakfast
Ocean City, NJ | 1st Street | December 2013

The 12 Days of Winter Recess: What I’m doing for me (and thee)


I’ve got twelve days. What are you doing? Here are my plans…so far:

  • Enjoy an awesome Christmas with my family
  • Watch a ton of movies (Christmas classics on TV, Redbox rentals, etc.)
  • Take eleventy-billion pictures, photowalk NYC and other places
  • Learn portrait photography (and practice with willing families)
  • Learn how my neutral density filter works and make art like this
  • Spend three hours at the NYC Makerbot store learning how to use Tinkercad
  • Visit Thomas Edison National Park
  • Meet up with Alan Tortolani, the man behind the free and amazing
  • Spend a morning with friends at a school in Princeton learning about 3D printing
  • Figure out how Autodesk 123D Catch (and similar free, handheld 3D imaging apps) can be used to create 3D images of ordinary objects
  • Design some stuff to print in 3D
  • Update my classrom blog with lots of information about free 3D design software to inspire my students and their families to design stuff together
  • Eat at Rutt’s Hut, Shake Shack, and New Park Tavern. Possibly Burger 21 as well…

More later, gotta run…


Collingswood, NJ | December, 2013

Millville, NJ | November 2013